Manufacturing capabilities built from your needs

Odoo’s nature allows for system builds that base your needs as the seed of the final structure. We can help you develop manufacturing capabilities that are malleable, with streamlined actions that support the intricate proceedings between you, your product, and your customers.  

Sell through multiple channels
Sell through multiple channels

Today’s manufacturers want to sell through multiple channels, such as EDI, B2B, B2C, Marketplaces, and more. Odoo’s flexibility is unparalleled because it allows Manufacturers to easily sell products via E-commerce, marketplaces, EDI and any other channel.

Customers want flexibility
Customers want flexibility

To take advantage of Just in Time (JIT) manufacturing, companies who make products such as automobiles, clothing, and computers tend to limit production of standard, low margin goods in order to concentrate on products that are configurable, higher margin, and make to order. 

Synchronized sales and purchasing
Synchronized sales and purchasing

With Odoo, manufacturing forecasts are synchronized, enabling better customer satisfaction through predicable delivery dates, which means no surprises about where your customer’s order really is. Customer portals, emails, SMS, or other order management messaging is built into Odoo, and enabled through simple configuration.

“Using systems like Odoo, we work faster, smarter, and better. Starting simple is the key to success.”

Lisa Murry, Business Analyst and ITSM Lead at Adrian Steel

Adrian Steel has spent the last few decades evolving from a humble steel structural warehouse into an industry leader in van and truck equipment. Recently, they decided to take the next leap in their history by implementing a robust Odoo ERP system, using it to address warehouse and manufacturing challenges with solutions that enable them to more effectively steer the future they desire. 

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Flexible manufacturing that synthesizes trends

Companies who attain the most effective advantage over competitors are able to fold flexibility into three essential components: Malleably manufactured configurable goods, improved supply chain visibility, and multi-channel sales efforts that emphasize high customer visibility.  All businesses are looking for competitive advantages, and Odoo’s flexibility creates the agility necessary to bring businesses to their next evolution. 

Why you’ll love working with us

We take your manufacturing needs into deep consideration, learning the ins and outs of your company first before beginning the first steps of implementation. Once our project gets rolling, we’ll working with you to ensure that your company gets the full treatment—analyzing, optimizing, automating, and transitioning your business until all manufacturing capabilities are as potent as possible. Combing Odoo’s comprehensive approach with its four step implementation process is a dual component formula that hopes to bring you the best possible outcomes for the future of your business. 

How we know we’ll love working with you

If you’re interested in open source integration, then that means you’ll have an open mind throughout the process, and that’s just the kind of partner we’re interested in. Watching companies experience manufacturing magic is one of the reasons we’re in this service, and we want to make sure your outcomes meet those promised at the beginning of this page: Scoped manufacturing for malleable scale.